Thursday, March 14, 2013

Last for first

The candle stick is a stick that you will jump over later jack jumped over I but didn't knock over the candle stick

40 things

I have got on a baseball team got star rank got a couple merit badges. I turned thirteen got in the PE class for class day. Gone in an air soft war and I was mc went to scouting university own a hunger games server on minecraft Xbox and I also have it to take care of a lizard had practice for baseball and hung out at a friends house went to a birth day party and wen to church.


It feels cool being thirteen I feel like I have finally entered the world. I also am aloud to pretty much just hang out with my friends more and just ride bikes around.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tell what you know about electricity

What I know about electricity is that it is important to have. So you will be able to do stuff around the house like cook. And what you should do with out power is find a flash light so you can see around if it is night time cause it is going to be really dark. And also find a blanket cause with out power it is going to be cold since there is absolutely no heating when power is out.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Something that you need to have is clothes and food. Cause you don't wanna run around naked all the time. Or starve to death and water is also something you need to stay hydrated.

My mother

My mother is short but at the same time tall and she homeschooled me. But instead of just homeschooling us there is an important reason. Because my mom is sick and she is homeschooling us because of it.

Rules to live by

Rules to live by are do not steal or lie but every one lies at one point of their life but after a while it is not ok if you do it a lot. And do not commit false witness on god which is the most important.