Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What made me Optimus 2012

What made me so happy this year is this is the biggest one i made it on the allstar baseball team it was so cool but we got third place. But my original baseball team got first place over all. And we got to go to the beach witch was awesome we went snorkeling and got to swim with dolphins.

My pestimestic list for 2012

Is getting grounded from my phone and tv and computer all my electronics for two and a half weeks and no hanging out with friends. I was not to happy about that and I will not do anything like that ever again that got me grounded. Or anything like it.

What do you procrastinate

My Anwser to that question is I don't like to do school, or clean my room, or do chores, or not get to hang out with my friends as much as I want to. The point is none of that stuff is fun to me but I still half I do it or I will not get a good education.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Plot goes nowhere

One day billy bob was out riding his bike and all of a sudden he came up on a copper rattlemockison. It is a snake that is a mix between a copper head rattle snake and something else that I am calling a copper mockison. It is the worlds most deadliest snake and it chased Him all around his neighbor hood and then he got to his house got off his bike and went in the house and the snake never left his front door step and he never rode his bike again but to this very day that snake is still there in cartoon world

Trapped in a soap bubble

There is the dirty bubble oh no I'm trapped in it a person is trapped in a bubble. It started out one day when he was walking down the road and all of a sudden a bubble trapped him help he kept on crying. but the bubble said there is no one here who can help you because they all are taking a nap and I put earmuffs on them so they can't hear you. I am in stoppable says the bubble. Then another person comes and says I'm not quite sure that's true. then he gets out a really sharp pencil and then pokes the bubble and kaboom the bubble is no more.

Odd gift

If I receive a gift that is odd I would probably like it any way because if it is offered ill take it. But honestly I'm not sure what my reaction would be because I don't really receive odd gifts so that's what I think it would be.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time when I was quite when I shouldn't have

There was once a time in Boy Scouts when a kid named Brandon dovall joined. He was a good kid and all but in the middle of the Boy Scout meetings he would goof off and it really stressed Mr.steve out. And I was quite and I let it slide a few meetings but he wouldn't stop no matter how many times other boys asked him so I took him down the hall and said can you please stop goofing of in the meetings cause other boys half told you stop and I spoke up and he pretty much stopped

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the stage last night

Last night at the class day talent show it was awesome. there were skits and a lot of people singing and one of my friends Edward he did a shakes sphier skit about the three little pigs. After him I was up and I had a a lot of fun I played and sang little drummer boy on my guitar. I had a lot of fun and I'm sure every one else did to and I felt great on the stage and after the talent show I got to hang out with my friends cause it was the past night of class day for this year.

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa this year for Christmas I want an Xbox to put in my room. And a nice big happy Christmas for everyone in the entire world. And I hope you eat plenty of cookies and just so you know I have no idea what we are making for you.

One of my friends are miserable

One of my friends are miserable what I would do is first write them a letter. Dear Chris I heard something happened in you're family and I'm sorry. If you ever need any thing just contact me. And just come over after school or something like that and hang out. But I'm always here for you and I will always be there.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Imaginary animal

My imaginary animal is called a liger it is a mix between a lion and a tiger. It has hunting skills like a lion and the speed of a tiger. It will run supper fast and it never misses its prey when it attacks. And I would have a pet one but they so not exist so I can't but if they did it would be easy to hunt since they are so fast. And that is my animal bye.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bored to death

You are bored to death why why are you bored probably you don't have to do. Well if you don't have anything to do then just go and play around and have some fun. Because if you don't you will be bored and never want to do any thing again and that wouldn't be any fun. So if you're bored to out side and just play around shoot a gun do something or go to a friends house.