Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When we got to the winter  jam  we went up the stairs and as we got up there we had to stop  because there we're that many people.           Then  as we  we're standing there  sissi  see's my freind   Chris he is in boy scouts with me.          Then we finnally got in and got seated and Daddo  had  to go to the bath room  and someone went on the stage  and said  every  body needed to scott  to the middle but my dad was still  in the bathroom so when people went by tellingus that we said someone sits there that is in the bathroom and then the concert started and it was fun.


At  base  ball tryouts  we go in find our age group  and we wait.                        Then   when  it is our turn  we go up we hit we  throw  some  and then we are done.                    then when I was done I had to wait on my cousin for two more hours  then we went home and ate.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Knowing who we are.

I am nice shy sad mad joyful wet.          this is everything I am I hope it's enough of them that's what I am.

Saying thankyou.

The last time I said thank you and meant it is every time I say it.                 Because you don't just say it for the heck of it.                 Saying thank you is some thing you mean not just say it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In the beggining.

In the beggining GOD created the earth and the sky.       Then he created the heavens Where all the people that are saved go and live with him.            The people that aern't saved you don't won't to go there you  will live in haites  Living there is the worst place to ever live.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine party

The valentines party was one of the best parts of my day yesterday.           We walk in then we get a number for our box and then we go around and put cards in their boxes.             Then we go out and vote for the best box and whoever gets the most wins.      then everybody goes home and looks at there cards.

Blue man group

The blue man group is where three guys paint them themselves blue.     Then they go out on stage and they do really crazy things like play drums with paint on it and eat cap'n crunch with a real big phone it is really cool.    They had pipes that they would playh music on and closer to the end they would name like one hundred things to call you're but by and one air bags  and hot air ballons.

Monday, February 13, 2012

No one speaks my language

If i arive in a place where nobody speaks my language.                 i would try to find someone who speaks both languages and have him teach me how to speak that language.

What i did this weekend.

What i did this week is i went over to grandmas friday night.   Played some XBOX 360 that night ate spinach in the noodles  in my dinner[didn't taste it].                 Then me and Landon  sat in bed could not fall asleep so we played more XBOX  went to bed.            That morning we got up played XBOX  went to a place that had a big gun landon got mad so he ended the game.          Read a little bit of a book practiced baseball watched caurageos and watched fire proof.                that night after mummu and daddo left me and Landon watched Captain America.                       then went in the den and learned how to handle a really powerful  gun then we went to bed.

Friday, February 10, 2012

where i would like to go

we never know where now life is leading we do not know where we will end we do not know where we'll be dwelling or who'll come along as our freind. Small suprises and happenstances springing up across our path some dark as night some bright as day.after long experience we see it has to be that way.
The reason i want to go there is because i love legos and they have alot of cool rides that all look like their made out of legos. And they have a water park that looks like it is also made out of legos.


" Hey where are you going ."  Said riley"       "I'm   going to the post office responded "James. "  " Cool i'd like to come with you."  "Said Riley "        "There's the post office.    " Said James"      "We'd probally  get going it's about to close."  "Said James"      "Don't worry it's openfor ten more minutes."  "Said  Riley"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm not sure... what to do for my pine wood derby car.
I'm not sure... when i'll get over being sick.
I'm not sure... how many days it is till my birthday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Post card swap

The post card swap is where all the home schoolers in America send post cards to eachother.
The one that me and my sister did is a picture of our state capital.         That looks just like the us capitl in Washington D.C.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the aspiring writers journal

A table is not a table                                        A computer is not a computer
A chair is not a chair                                       A crayon is not a crayon
A chair becomes a boat                                  A computer becomes a painting
A window turns into a television                   A crayon becomes a ladder