Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What you need to write

What you need to write. Is paper and a pencil and most important you're thinking cap. And it is always smart to go into a quite room and it isn't that complicated bit you need to think about what you wanna write about.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My favorite play ground

My favorite play ground is around the air base and it is also really big it also has a little rife thingy mah bob a cross the street and it is a really big one. I have a lot if fun there when I go and I hope you do also.

What would you like to be written about u when you die

What I would like to be written about me when I die is that he was a baseball player and also a Boy Scout he went through easy and difficult times also and he had great friends. Some that were out of state and some that I rarely get to see.

How do you escape from the truth

You escape from the truth by trying to come up with excuses to not get caught. And you also may need to do a little bit of fake crying so it is difficult. And you also need to do a lot more stuff which will take way to long to tell you about.

Last time you said thank you and really ment it

The last time I said thank you and ment it was the other day when my grandma brought me a computer. And it was really heavy so it was hard to get it in my room. So I have to put it on my desk which is gonna be hard.

Who are you

I'm a boy that likes playing baseball and video games I love to also just every once in a while go ride bikes around at my grandmas house with my cousin. And I have a lot of friends butler of them are homeschooled.

Recipe for my favorite soup

My favorite soup is chicken noodle. The recipe is simple but you need a flavoring. You need noodles and chicken of course and then which ever chicken flavor you like the most.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine party

My valentine party was awesome there were some awesome designs for valentine boxes. The winning one was a giant creeper that my friend made with his little brother. And they were so excited that they one and I as also excited that they won cause they deserved it.

Life is like

My life is perfect I have a great family and great friends. Cause without them I wouldn't be where I am right now being a 13 year old baseball player. Cause it is just so awesome that I have my caring family and friends.

My idea

My idea valentine is my family. Cause when I'm with my family I feel safer. They are my family members so I have to trust them. And they are always there for me every step of the way.

Different language.

I have arrived in the wrong country and my plane left me an no one speaks my language I try to speak their language but I most likely called someone fat. So I wait for the next plane and I get on it and leave.

Huge disappointment

The biggest disappointment do me is striking out in baseball because it lets me and my team down cause that's one out that is of the board. The biggest one was on my allstar team it was two outs and two strikes no balls and I swung and missed. And it was the end of the game so I was really upset that we lost.

The strangest thing I've ever done

The strangest thing I've ever done is hit a double in a baseball game I got lucky. I hit the ball to ss aka short stop and they through the ball short it went down the field a little ways and I barely got to second base before they got it there

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Something sad

One time we were riding our bikes down the road and we saw seething that was kinda black. So we stopped over there and we noticed that it was a poor dog that had tried crossing the street but failed we called the animal shelter and they said they couldn't so anything for it.

Not sure about it

What I'm not sure about is that why I'm even on the big field in sylvan hills baseball. Cause I figured that would of put me back on the eleven and twelve year old field cause I'm so small but I'm thirteen and so tiny.

Thinking of a road

My road fair field is a great road to live on cause I know a lot of the kids there. And some of them are my best friends. And it is such a great road cause one of them will play basket ball with me. And the other was on my baseball team so I know that I can get practice in for baseball so he can play catch when my dad is at work.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There has been a crime in city hall. The major was killed and there was a note. It read you're next journalist then when he saw his name on it he said no I'm not. And then h started investigating the crime. He saw no ammo on the ground but he did ask other people that were in city hall if they heard any gun shots. They didn't so he said there must have been a silencer on the gun or he was killed by a meele we open which the second one was probably it so he did some investigating and then he found a shotgun Abel on the floor and he followed the path of them and they found the killer he was sent to jail for 75 years and he never did any more crimes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A blade of grass

It's very short which isn't really interesting. and it always comes with more then one it will most of the time have leaves around it and maybe some acorns. And that is just about it.